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Become a sponsor by donating to the Newstart Children’s Home. There are continuous upkeep and expansion projects that need to be funded, in addition to the daily needs of schooling, feeding, clothing and caring for so many children. Currently our urgent need is to upgrade our plumbing system throughout our campus and to raise 2 million U.S. dollars for a new Primary and Secondary School.  We also need to build 10 cluster homes for our children, as the government has instructed that we need to move away from the current “dormitory-style” accommodation. Each house is expected to cost between $30 000 and $40 000. We would be honored to put your name, as a donor, on the building of your choice. 100% of your donations go toward the projects – none is used for overhead expenses. We appreciate your generosity. 

Please make tax-deductible donations payable in U.S. funds to the order of “Africa Orphan Care”

Africa Orphan Care

PO Box 16943

Portland, Oregon 97292

Phone: (503)577-5376
Email: newstartchildrenshomeinfo@pwatson

Donations Within Zimbabwe:

Newstart Children’s Home, ZB Bank Natal Road Branch. Account Numbers:

4130003920405 (USD Account)

4130003921080 (RTGS Account)

Office Mobile: +263773842939


Donate via Paypal
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