What We Do

Newstart Children’s Home

The Newstart Children’s Home is designed to take children from 0 to 18 years of age who have lost both parents. We also take in abandoned babies who have no one willing or able to care for them. The children are provided with food, clothing, uniforms, and tuition for school. The home is designed to house 88 children with a nursery for 0-5 year olds. The main house includes the boys wing and a girls wing joined by the kitchen and living room. It houses ages 7-14. We have a boys dormitory and a girls dormitory for the high school age children. 

We are currently fundraising for the construction and purchase of housing property for our 85 children on Campus. Government, through the Social Welfare Department, recently instructed us to move away from dormitory style accommodation to cluster houses to accommodate all children in our custody. We intend to build five 3-bedroomed houses and three 4-bedroomed houses, making a total of eight cluster homes. We also need to have at least two transition homes for those children who would have turned 18yrs but not ready to be released into the community.

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Baby Center

Our Baby Center was opened in 2007 to care for abandoned and orphaned babies, including babies with HIV.  Currently we have five house mothers who care for these children 24/7. We have between 20-30 babies in the center most of the time.


In addition to providing education to our own children at Newstart Children’s Home, We have currently opened up our campus to the community to provide education to over 500 local children grades K-12. Our focus and most urgent need now is to raise funds for a spacious school facility. We have been operating for the last five years in makeshift classrooms. As we progress with each building phase, it is our hope that friends and donors of Newstart Children’s Home will construct one or more buildings in their name, their organization’s name, or in memory of a loved one. Our future plan is to add a vocational/technical school. We hope to emphasize plumbing, sewing, electrical engineering, construction engineering, and carpentry. These skills will enable our young people to make a living.

Medical and Dental Clinic

No medical care is available to the poor in our area and we hope to be able to alleviate much of the pain and suffering in the local villages. The clinic has three treatment rooms for treating many tropical diseases common to the area. Our laboratory is equipped to offer HIV testing. The Newlands Clinic, a Dutch organization, is willing to affiliate with us so that we can start to offer treatment for HIV/AIDS in the near future. We opened our Dental Clinic in April, 2020 staffed by Dr. Patience. She grew up in our orphanage and pursued her dream. She went to the Philippines and obtained her dental training and is now back in Zimbabwe serving her country.

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A portion of our acreage is allotted for growing some of our food. We grow and harvest maize, soy beans, vegetables, and tomatoes. The children help to keep the gardens planted, weeded, watered, and harvested. Some donations have helped to vastly improve our agriculture program. The greenhouses have really enhanced our growing season. We appreciate the help we receive from volunteers.

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