Nyasha C.

Nyasha’s (his name means: “Mercy”) birth certificate said he was 13 years old but he was very small for his age. His mother died from AIDS and being the only surviving child, he was very lonely and sad. His father was working and away much of the time. When his father became ill and could not get out of bed, Nyasha cared for him as best he could. He had very limited recourses and he could not do much. Soon his father died as well. 

Nyasha C., currently Acting Boys Dean

Nyasha had no idea what to do. He had no money to bury his father and no one to turn to. For three days he sat in the house with his dead father, alone and afraid. Soon the neighbors wanted to know what the horrible smell was. They called the police to come and investigate. No one in the village could help with the burial costs. The police did not have the money either. 

Finally, a Catholic priest was summoned and he paid for the burial and took Nyasha to Newstart Children’s Home. The child was sad, dirty, covered with sores, and completely alone in the world. He was lovingly welcomed, washed and anointed with ointments. Slowly the sad, lonely boy became a beautiful, healthy, happy, helpful child. In our Home, God works miracles and daily changes lives.

Nyasha now has graduated with his B.A. in history and is also pursuing his I.T. degree.

Words cannot express my appreciation for the love and care I got from Mom and Dad (Dr. and Mrs. Farag). Sometimes I just sit down and wonder what my life would be if it were not for them who encouraged me to do something with my life. Sometimes I felt like giving up on life and other things but Mom and Dad kept on encouraging me to keep trying and do better in life. Money or gifts are not enough to say THANK YOU but I know God has something great at the end of this journey. Thank you Mom and Dad. I will always be grateful for what you did in my life. God bless abundantly.

— Nyasha C., currently Acting Boys Dean
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Angistar, RN.

I am very thankful and grateful to have been raised at Newstart Children’s Home. I am greatly indebted to Dr. and Mrs. Farag (Mom and Dad) who took me as their own child. They encouraged me to dream big. I became a God-fearing person because of them. Good principles of life were instilled in me. I can truly say through the help of the Home and the Spirit of God, I have been able to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. I am thankful for the help of many friends who visited the Home and encouraged me to become who I am today. 

I am very thankful to Mom and Dad for having been the parents to me and fill that void I thought would never be filled. They taught us to love one another and never discriminate. Hard as it was financially, they made sure that we were fed, dressed, and received a good education. I personally thank the Lord for them. They are a blessing in my life. If it were not for Newstart Children’s Home, I honestly don’t know where I would be today.

Today I am pursuring my B.Sc. degree in Nursing because of their efforts. I don’t ever regret being raised at Newstart Children’s Home. Thank you so very much!”

— Angistar, Nurse, RN.
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My name is Tonderai. I came to Newstart Children’s Home in 2003. I was 11 years old. I was so timid. I had never met a white person in my life. I was very scared to be far away from home. I wanted to run away and go back home to my granny. Mom and Dad (Dr. and Mrs. Farag) took me and sat me down and talked to me in a very nice way although some of the things they were saying I did not understand. Mom’s voice was so soft and so assuring that within a few days, I had forgotten about going back home. After that I knew I had loving parents to take care of me. My name changed from Tonderai to Tondie. I felt at home and I felt very secure. I was treated in such a way which I don’t even understand myself. I don’t regret being brought up or raised at Newstart Children’s Home. This has become my home where I am wholly loved.

Mom and Dad encouraged me to think big about my future. They encouraged me to decide what I wanted to be. I told them my dreams and they encouraged me to work towards those dreams. Today I have realized my dream. I am an Electro-engineer. I give great honor to Mom and Dad for what they did for me. I will never forget them and I will never forget Newstart Children’s Home. Mom and Dad are the best parents in the world. Thanks to those who have helped them to take care of me through donations and prayers.

— Tondie
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One sunny afternoon in 2016, we received a beautiful, day-old baby boy from social welfare. The baby had been found in the toilet on the train. He was such a tiny, fragile bundle. We were afraid he would not survive. He did not make one sound at all for three long days. We fed him with a dropper every hour, night and day, praying for his survival. It was with great rejoicing when he finally made his first tiny, squeaking cry! He is now thriving in school and loves to sing and play with all the other children. He is such a beautiful miracle in our Home!

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Takunda and Tadiwanashe

In January 2019, two young brothers, ages seven and nine, appeared at the gate of Newstart Children’s Home. They only had their small backpacks on their backs. They looked bewildered and lost. When asked why they were at the gate, they said their dad had dropped them off and told them this was now going to be their new home. Police and social welfare have never located their father. We welcomed them with open arms and comforted them. Their hopes of seeing their dad again have never materialized. They are adapting well to life at our home and we are loving them into our large family.

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Dr. Patience, D.D.S.

I would like to express great appreciation on behalf of all those who were lucky to grow up at Newstart Children’s Home. We were assisted financially by the Farags and all the sponsors through the years. I would like to thank you for your kindness which has provided us with hope and courage to better our lives. I felt there as no hope in my life after my parents died and there was no one to take care of me. I received your help and love to continue with my life and education. The only thing I had to do to show my gratitude and appreciation was to work harder in my studies. Thank you very much for all your assistance throughout my education and giving me a family at Newstart Children’s Home.

— Dr. Patience, D.D.S.
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Nyasha D., B Sc.

Being an orphan has always carried a bad stigma and seems like a crime in most African nations. Society treats you like dirt. Relatives, family and friends come and loot from the deceased leaving them destitute.  Such was life when my parents died. My sister and I were left in the cold with no where to go.

I was only seven and clueless with no other way out except the streets. It’s only now that I understand that Divine Intervention was at work. At my worst point, God worked a miracle for me through Newstart Children’s Home. I got a new start and renewed hope for a better tomorrow. I had given up completely but Newstart gave me hope.

Today I stand as a testimony. I recently graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Electronics. This could have never been possible if it was not for the love and care afforded to me by Newstart. Dr. and Mrs. Farag took us in, loved and cared for us as they did with their own children. Apart from my Heavenly Father, I know not anyone to attribute the title father and mother other than them. They’ve been a true life inspiration to me. Often when my friends see their pictures in my phone they ask, “Who are they?” I simply reply, “I got 100% revitiligo, that’s why I have white parents.” It’s incredibly amazing how they’ve managed to portray and be a parental figure to over 100 children in the decades they’ve founded the Home. They’ve been the mother and father I never had. I’m proud to associate with the organization because it gave me a reason to smile again. My endeavor and prayer is, “May I be a worthy ambassador of Newstart, so help me God.” I want to share hope and love given to all those I meet in life because, there is always a NEWSTART!

— Nyasha D.
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