Nyasha D., B Sc.

Being an orphan has always carried a bad stigma and seems like a crime in most African nations. Society treats you like dirt. Relatives, family and friends come and loot from the deceased leaving them destitute.  Such was life when my parents died. My sister and I were left in the cold with no where to go.

I was only seven and clueless with no other way out except the streets. It’s only now that I understand that Divine Intervention was at work. At my worst point, God worked a miracle for me through Newstart Children’s Home. I got a new start and renewed hope for a better tomorrow. I had given up completely but Newstart gave me hope.

Today I stand as a testimony. I recently graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Electronics. This could have never been possible if it was not for the love and care afforded to me by Newstart. Dr. and Mrs. Farag took us in, loved and cared for us as they did with their own children. Apart from my Heavenly Father, I know not anyone to attribute the title father and mother other than them. They’ve been a true life inspiration to me. Often when my friends see their pictures in my phone they ask, “Who are they?” I simply reply, “I got 100% revitiligo, that’s why I have white parents.” It’s incredibly amazing how they’ve managed to portray and be a parental figure to over 100 children in the decades they’ve founded the Home. They’ve been the mother and father I never had. I’m proud to associate with the organization because it gave me a reason to smile again. My endeavor and prayer is, “May I be a worthy ambassador of Newstart, so help me God.” I want to share hope and love given to all those I meet in life because, there is always a NEWSTART!

— Nyasha D.
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